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*To françoise Bouquet for very kind support and its technical advices
banniere clic decouvre

*To Jorge Verissimo, president of Ready made music and Inumérica, producer of my first album The sound of the silenceand to the pianist concert Hatsumi Takato who perform it and without whom this CD would not have been born

*To Claude péquignot for his magnificent photos
I used to illustrate my pieces for piano of my first album The sound of the silence and who is in the part Album to listen to - > The sound of the silence - > 15 pieces / 15 images.

You can if you wish it to get you this book at the following address:
To note that these images correspond to the landscapes of my childhood and the region or I increased.

*Thank you in the site of the zero which allowed me to realize the largest part of my web site:


*Annuaire cours Cours

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