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This Web site approaches the themes of:
piano, music, art, culture, dream, poetry, beauty, journey, nature, unusual.
This Web site also groups together several artistic projects:

Write new pieces for piano
Naturally, except my desire to share my passion of the music, I don't forget my composer's vocation, and the wish to compose new pieces for piano, I will try to make a priority, while trying to find new ideas to make it.

Make discover to the largest people my music for piano solo
Make discover and make share in the largest people and to the piano lovers my piano music. In spite of the crisis world of the sales of CDs, and the consequences of the hacking, I propose all the same in the sale the CD of my first album "The sound of the silence".

Enlarge my professional network and favor the broadcasting of my music
Make so that the professionals can discover in a simple way to my creation: sheet publishers, movies industry , publicity, record companies, festivals, artistic collaborations, connection with the pianists concert performers, the piano world, professionnal pianist or not, music lovers, students etc.... Offer to my music the possibility of being played on stage, of being better broadcasted.

Make rediscover the famous classical musics in a free lounge of on-line music

Offer a free directory of easy piano sheet
Famous classical works of the greatest composers classified by level.


1) About Noam Bonnand, Artist, Composer, pianist, poet

You will find in this part all which concerns me directly, my biography, some words about my albums for only piano The sound of the silence and The sound of the life.The possibility of listening to a part of my two albums (approximately 1/3).

2) The Lounge of on-line music (in videos)

Make discover or listen again in a progressive way the magnificence of famous classical musics of the greatest composers. Except the pleasure for myself and the public, lounge of on-line music also has an educational interest, because we shall have in the lounge of on-line music the same pieces for easy piano sheet in the 4th part of the Web site (Free Piano Sheet Music to download classified by level). The Lounge of on-line music will be completed step by step in the following order:

The famous and popular works of the greatest composers in their original instrumental version (those that everybody in already heard, and that everybody doesn't know necessarily in their original version)

The famous and popular works of the greatest composers for piano

Other works for piano (among which the studies op 10 and 25 of Chopin)

3-Download free piano Sheet Music classified by level

Educational part, which will be voluntarily connected to the lounge of on-line music. I would want by making rediscover these famous works liked by the majority of all, tempt the young pianists or the pianists of any edge, the envy to recover in the keyboard with happiness and pleasure. Or even the envy to begin the piano.

4) The piece for piano of your dreams

Project been born as an illumination during the summer 2008 in the « Saline les bains » of the island La Réunion, in « 1 rue des Jades », on my terrace in front of setting sun offering me its last brilliant beams. (Project in the course of development.)

attractive view since -la saline les bains- 2008- reunion island-

Four parts of the Web site are presented with 4 banners on the homepage. The banner of header is clickable on all the site, and redirects towards the homepage.

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